A common name ascribed to Paris is La Ville-Lumière, which is translated as the City of Light. I don't believe it's by accident that the Lord would lead Keith Butler Ministries to hold events designed to magnify Jesus, the living Word of God and the Light of the World, in the City of Light.


At the 2013 Word of Faith Convention in Southfield, Michigan, the word of the Lord was delivered through Reverend Kenneth Copeland for Keith Butler Ministries"The doors to Marseille are wide open!" 

The Lord had already been speaking to Reverend Keith Butler about ministering to the people of France, where the population of evangelical Christians is less than 1% of the nation's population. Therefore, this word of the Lord was embraced wholeheartedly by Rev. Butler and the entire KBM team.

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Guest post by Rev. Kenneth Copeland

Fasting is a willingness to separate yourself from the things of this world and put your focus solely on the Lord. It has been a powerful spiritual tool used by Christians and ministry leaders the world over and was modeled in biblical contexts throughout Scripture in times of trial, in seeking divine direction, and for deliverance from sin and evil.