About KBM

We’re Committed to Taking Faith In God to the World!

About Keith Butler Ministries


Keith Butler Ministries (KBM) is an international ministry established by Keith and Deborah Butler with the goal to advance KBM’s God-given mission of TEACHING the Word, DOING the Work, and TOUCHING the World.  We first began this mission in 1979 at Word of Faith International Christian Center in Southfield, Michigan (USA), where Keith and Deborah continue to serve as the senior pastors. Globally, this mission is upheld by the grace of God and through the generous support of our partners and friends.

A large part of our commitment to reach the world with the message of Faith in God is through training others who will fulfill the Great Commission. PISTIS School of Ministry (PSOM) is our Bible training center that was established in 1989 to do exactly that. The program uses a two-year curriculum that is designed to prepare and fully equip ministers to go out and preach the Gospel. The curriculum is structured to develop students in every area that is vital for stability, strength and growth in a ministry. Our Bible training concept includes educational and practical application opportunities in five (5) basic areas: Pastoral, Administrative, Missions, Music, and Helps.

KBM is steadfast in sharing the message of Faith in God and training those who are called to do the same across the globe. Here is a summary of some of the work we are doing worldwide:



  • Southfield, Michigan is the home of KBM USA and the worldwide headquarters.
  • PISTIS School of Ministry is in Southfield, Michigan. (www.pistis.cc)
  • A PISTIS School of Ministry campus is located in St. Thomas, USVI.
  • Our worldwide Internet outreach is based in Southfield, Michigan and is presently reaching millions of people around the globe.




  • PISTIS School of Ministry was established in Nairobi in 2015.

South Africa

  • In 2000, we established a church in Pretoria.
  • PISTIS School of Ministry was established in Pretoria in 2007.




  • We support churches in Sofia and Varna.


  • In 2017, we established a church in Athens. (www.kentropistis.gr)
  • PISTIS School of Ministry in Athens, Greece opened in 2015.
  • Athens is also the home of our KBM European headquarters.


  • We host weekly Bible Study Sessions Online and monthly BIble Study Sessions in Marseille and Paris.
  • We hold annual worship and teaching sessions that are called Faith Encounters. These sessions began in Paris 2017.


  • We host a weekly Bible Study Session in Katowice.
  • We support churches in Krakow.


  • We have a weekly television broadcast called Live Your Faith on TV Vision Sverige.


  • We support churches in Kiev.

United Kingdom

  • In 2002, we opened a church in London, England. (www.woficc.co.uk)
  • In 2012, we opened a church in Luton, England.

The Lord has also directed KBM to establish additional ministry training opportunities worldwide and additional churches in Europe and Africa in the near future. 

Together with our partners and friends, we are able to touch the world with the message of Faith in the living and loving God!