The Doors to Marseille Are Wide Open!

Monday, October 8, 2018
Amina Cameron


At the 2013 Word of Faith Convention in Southfield, Michigan, the word of the Lord was delivered through Reverend Kenneth Copeland for Keith Butler Ministries"The doors to Marseille are wide open!" 

The Lord had already been speaking to Reverend Keith Butler about ministering to the people of France, where the population of evangelical Christians is less than 1% of the nation's population. Therefore, this word of the Lord was embraced wholeheartedly by Rev. Butler and the entire KBM team.

Through the years, I've learned sometimes when God gives a word like this, it's to provide a spoken word (rhema) for the recipient to hang on to when the road ahead to the manifestation of the promise may be tough. The journey may contain a few bumps, potholes, and even a detour or two, but when we stay the course, we will indeed reach our "promised land". This has been the case with KBM's road to Marseille. We've experienced road blocks, delays, and other interruptions, but after having pressed our way through, we finally held our first ‘Faith Seminar’ in Marseille, France, on Friday, September 7, 2018.

We invited people from all over southern France to attend an evening filled with powerful, line-upon-line teaching from God's Word delivered by Rev. Keith Butler along with Praise and Worship led by our international music team, Faith Republic. The people of Marseille welcomed us with open arms. Many expressed their gratitude to us for coming. One man shared after the event, "Preaching like this is always a blessing and enrichment. Marseille is in need of Ministries who can teach on the spiritual authority [of the believer] to combat the spiritual struggle for deliverance and healing."

We are grateful to be used by God to spread the message of faith in God's Word to bring greater revelation of how God intends for us to operate on this earth. We look forward to future events and ministry opportunities in France.

If you would like to hear the message shared through Rev. Keith Butler at the Marseille Faith Encounter, please click here.

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